The Chicago Chapter of the National Skate Patrol is a volunteer organization here to work with local government agencies in regards to skating legislation, to promote the growth of the sport through free instruction and planned skating events and generally to have a good time while giving something back to the city and the sport we love.

NSP is a network of proficient volunteers who help skaters better coexist with cyclists, pedestrians, auto and trail traffic. These red-shirted volunteers conduct free braking clinics, offer tips on skate etiquette, and otherwise assist new and experienced skaters alike. The National Skate Patrol was developed in 1992 by the New York Road Skaters Association and The International In-Line Skating Association.(IISA) http://www.ringsignaler-ikon-spel.com/

Skate Patrol chapters provide services to athletes by:

  • Distributing in-line skate safety and education information.
  • Making skaters aware of skating etiquette and municipal ordinances.
  • Communicating and advocating for the sport with local authorities.
  • Providing free stopping instruction to those in need.
  • Interfacing with effectively with authorities in emergency situations


Where we skate 

Road Raves
Meeting at the Daley Center ( around the Picasso sculpture Clark and Washington ) on 1st and 3rd Fridays of May through October at 7:30PM; Road Raves are a terrific way to explore Chicago streets, culture, and history, along with our inline skating community. Each Road Rave follows a different Chicago theme. Past favorites include the Gangster Rave, the Great Chicago Fire Rave, and the Architecture Rave. Chicago Road Raves are pre-skated, led, and sponsored by the Chicago NSP. As such, we promote safe skating. We skate in the direction of traffic, stop for red lights and generally follow all rules of the road. Road Raves are rated intermediate to advanced street skates, typically running 10 to 14 miles lasting 2 to 2-1/2 hours. Protective gear is strongly recommended.  The use of a helmet is required. You can also bet on odds if you like that, read more here.

Holiday Skates
Each year, weather permitting, we organize themed skates centering around national holidays. Latch onto our email list and Google Group to find out more.

Lake Front Stopping Clinic

NSP’s volunteers are certified to teach stopping and other basic skills. Look our banner banner and red t-shirts near the ramp at Oak Street Beach. PERFECT for beginners to walk, drive, cab or train to; bring skates and protective gear. Master bladers and other performers practice nearby. Free Stopping lessons are given on Saturdays Noon though 3 pm starting Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.



Chicago’s Chapter of The National Skate Patrol (NSP) is this area’s authorized representative of the International Inline Skating Association(IISA). NSP endorses important sets of values aimed at promoting safety, skills, and an enjoyment of the sport. Those values are summed up by the acronym S.L.A.P.


1. Skate Smart


  • Always wear your protective gear—helmet, wrist protection, elbow pads, knee pads
  • Master the basics—striding, stopping, and turning
  • Keep your equipment in proper working order


2. Skate Legal

  • Obey all traffic regulations. When on skates, you should consider yourself to be subject to the same obligations as a bicyclist or a driver of an automobile

3. Skate Alert

  • Skate under control at all times
  • Watch out for road hazards
  • Avoid water, oil, and sand
  • Avoid traffic

4. Skate Polite

  • Skate on the right, pass on the left
  • Announce your intentions by saying, “passing on your left”
  • Always yield to pedestrians